When I set out to create Amanda Klein, I looked to a number of strong, stylish women to,
not only, inspire various pieces in my collection, but, to give me the courage it takes
to be able to follow your dreams, no matter what may stand in your way
(think ZERO sleep, a lot of second guessing myself and a very demanding miniature golden doodle).

But it’s because of these amazing women, and women like them everywhere,
that I was able to follow through; and because of that, I felt a need to showcase
some of these lovely creatures for all their worth and wonder. 

Muses are frequently updated, check-in soon to stay inspired with me. 


my dream job is to be a Disney Imagineer (someone who builds the rides at the Disney Parks!), and I would totally love to have my first YA manuscript published within the next couple of years!
Q. What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?
A. A ring that my dad gave to my mum when I was born! It was passed down to me. :) 
Q. Who is (or was) the most inspirational female in your life?
A. Definitely my mother, Trish Mennell. She's the hardest working woman I know, and she's built an incredibly successful photography business in less than a decade. If there's anyone that's taught me my work ethic, it's her!
Q. Breaking into and working in the modelling industry can be extremely difficult work. How do you handle the pressure?
A. I actually don't find that there's that much pressure! As long as you understand that when you don't get chosen for a job, or you're told that you don't have the right look for a particular project, that it has nothing to with you as a person, you'll be fine! Don't think too much about anything anyone does in this industry: although it's a very personal business, it's still just business. 
Q. You in three words?
A. Hard working, over-analytical, silly to a fault! 
Q. Your favourite Amanda Klein piece?
A. I absolutely adored all of the chokers!!!! I can't choose just one! 
Check out Zoe's work here:   

 Aspirations: To be able to have enough time to do the things I used to have time to do
 Q. What advice would you give your 20 year old self?
A. Don’t stress out so much over stuff – it all works out 
 Q. What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?
A. My wedding band – which is currently misplaced, due to my husband putting it somewhere “safe” when my fingers swelled up during pregnancy 
Q. Who is (or was) the most inspirational female in your life?
A. Currently inspired by Anna Rifle Bond, of Rifle Paper Co. 
Q. Which AK piece do you resonate with most and why?
A. Kate Dagger Stud – least likely to be ripped out of my ear by my baby


  Aspirations: To continue to give families photographic art that they will cherish for their entire lives
 Q. What is your most cherished piece of  jewelry? A. My timeless, simple gold wedding band
 Q. Who is (or was) the most inspirational female in your life? A. My daughter, Elska 
 Q. What’s the thing that interests you most about your own photographs?
 A. Trying to capture real, fleeting moments of love between people 
 Q. Do you have a life philosophy?
A. Be kind, do what you love and laugh as much as you can


 Aspirations: to make Amy Schumer spit wine out of her nose and into my mouth
 Q. What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?
 A. Pack lightly, read ingredients and never use warming lubricant
 Q. What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?
 A. My engagement ring. My partner designed it himself with so many thoughtful components including his finger print on the inside of the band *swoon*
 Q. Who is (or was) the most inspirational female in your life?
A. My grandmothers were both pretty amazing, bold and quirky women. One grandmother battled depression, but because of it taught us how to embrace the rollercoaster of life- dance on tables, sneak out of windows and never be afraid to tell someone to go f&*k themselves. My other grandmother was a holocaust survivor whose husband died quite young. And although seemingly surrounded by death, she never stopped living or complained for a second. She loved endlessly, indulged always and encouraged silliness whenever possible. They were both strong, creative, sharp and independent women that thrived regardless of the adversity they faced and never apologized for who they were. I miss them both madly and hope I’m doing them proud.
Q. Which AK piece do you resonate with most and why
A. Probably the Aida Etched Bangle or the Gila Shake Choker. I like to think I shine a bit brighter than your average Jo(anne), but only in order to elevate others, never to cast my sheen over them. And, to be honest, most of the time, my style is pretty basic. 
Q. What's it like being a female in comedy?
A. Tough as stale jerky. But, luckily, in Toronto, at least, there’s a lot of support and growing opportunities. Like three of them. Now if only we could eradicate the “and your next female comedian” introduction. It’s like nails on a misogynistic chalkboard. UGH.
Check out Sara's work here: or check out Treading Water Comedy every second Thursday of the month at The Gladstone Hotel in the Melody Bar!